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We are the researchers of the department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka working with the assistance of World Bank, UGC Bangladesh under HEQEP Project titled as “Development of Novel Functional and Smart Materials for Technological Applications “. The project is expected to bring radical changes in the technical and institutional capacity of the department for postgraduate research programs through effective access to specialized knowledge and information and the state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation. Finally, high quality M. Phil. and Ph. D. programs, national and international inter-departmental and inter-university cooperation, collaboration and academic networking would generate skilled human capital for Bangladesh.


The sub-project aims at improving the research facilities of the Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka to establish a Materials Science Research Laboratory, such that Postgraduate research programs in the University of Dhaka becomes more attractive to the graduates and necessary trained manpower for the development of Bangladesh is generated. In general, the sub-project has been initiated to accomplish the following objectives:

1. To refurbish the research laboratories in the field of Materials Science in the Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka and equip them with state-of- the-art instruments to improve research infrastructure to attract increasing number of prospective high-quality M. S., M. Phil. and Ph. D. students for advanced creative research
2. To enrich professional skills and capacities of students and academic staffs to undertake innovative research designed to move the country towards higher economic growth and development
3. To enhance quality of research by means of collective efforts from faculty members in the Department working in the field of Materials Science through exchange of views, ideas and experiences and establish long term scientific collaborations with experts and professionals in different universities abroad
4. To achieve a series of technological objectives via implementation of research based on concrete strategy and clearly determined goal
5. To bring about radical changes in the post-graduate research through introduction of advanced fundamental research based on theoretical and practical methods of Materials Science directed towards realistic applications of the novel materials and make the benefits and specialized services accessible to private sector and public organizations to improve the productive capacity of Bangladesh.

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