List of Instrument

  1. Tensiometer
  2. BET Surface Analyzer
  3. Dielectric Constant meter
  4. Dissolved Oxygen meter
  5. UV-visible Spectrophotometer with Specular Reflectance
  6. FT- mid and near IR Spectrophotometer with ATR
  7. Particle Size Analyzer
  8. Viscometer
  9. Density meter
  10. Refractive Index meter
  11. Impedance Analyzer
  12. Electrochemical Workstation
  13. X-ray Image Plate Scanner
  14. Muffle Furnace
  15. Temperature Gradient Tube Furnace
  16. pH meter
  17. Ion Meter
  18. Conductivity meter
  19. Water purification System
  20. Analytical Balance
  21. Sonicator
  22. Magnetic Stirrer
  23. Vacuum Desiccator
  24. Rotary Evaporator
  25. Tensiometer

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